Applications are now being invited for Visiting Fellowships at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies for the period 1 October 2018 – 31 August 2019 or for any period (being at least three months) between those dates. 

These non-stipendiary Fellowships are designed for people already established in their own field of activity who are undertaking work within fields covered by or adjacent to the Institute’s own research programmes or interests, which are currently in the following areas of research: Law Librarianship, Public Law and Regulation; (eg: Information/Data Law and Policy, Human Rights, Labour and Equality Law, Law and Development, Law and Language); Legislative Studies and Legislative Drafting; Legal History and Legal Theory; European and Comparative Law; Interdisciplinary Research on Law, Society and the Humanities Law; Legal Profession and Access to Justice (eg: Legal Education, Legal Profession, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution, International Law, International Economic Law, Private and Commercial Law).

NB: While these topics are preferred, the Institute is ready to consider other proposals.

The Fellowships are not confined to academic lawyers but are also open to scholars of other disciplines working in the relevant fields, and to practising lawyers or judges with scholarly projects to pursue.

They are not available to support postgraduate students’ research.

Further details can be found at: