IALS are please to announce the online launch of the first UK Fair Dealing week which runs from 21st-25th February 2022.

The UK Fair Dealing week will be run alongside the US Fair Use week and provides opportunities for everyone in the education, research and cultural heritage communities to learn more about this valuable framework, as basics concepts, along with best practice, will be explored by copyright scholars and practitioners.

The UK Fair Dealing week is being co-ordinated by Jane Secker and Chris Morrison, co-founders of copyrightliteracy.org and they will chair the launch event hosted by IALS. They will be joined by Kyle K. Courtney – lawyer, librarian, Copyright Advisor at Harvard University and originator of Fair Use week in the US in 2014 – to set the scene and provide an overview of the legal provisions.

We will then hear from leading intellectual property scholar Dr Emily Hudson from King’s College London who will share initial findings from her research into quotation norms in the publishing industry which she undertook along with Professor Tanya Aplin.

While fair dealing is employed on a daily basis by students, academics, librarians, journalists, and all users of copyright-protected material, Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week is a time to promote and discuss the opportunities presented, celebrate successful stories and explain the doctrine.

A recording of this event is now available to view here

Short introduction to Fair Dealing Week

Fair Use/Fair Dealing week 2022